Monday, November 25, 2013

Apple buys Microsoft's former technology provider for Kinect

This is certainly different than how it has worked in the past.

Apple is usually the innovator, and Microsoft generally scurries along months or so later with a similar product.

But this time was different.

Microsoft rolled out the Kinect motion sensing technology for Xbox 360 for the holidays in 2010. The first Kinect was built using technology from PrimeSense.

Over the weekend Apple - acting in a manner that is very reminiscent of the Redmond company, has confirmed its' acquisition of  PrimeSense.  In addition to gaming, it is entirely possible that Apple may be thinking about utilizing motion sensing technology with the rumored Apple television.

Microsoft has since developed its' own sensing technology and, it has been reported, is no longer associated with PrimeSense.

Apple has been leading the pack with touch technology for mobile, and adding motion sensing technology will further differentiate the Apple brand from rivals. And, with this coming from Apple, it is almost certain we will see implementation of that technology in interesting ways.

Now, can I please just tap, swipe and pinch my iMac! ? !

Or maybe just wave my hand in front of the sensor?

read the Reuters article

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